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I make boards according to my own need and desire, then sell boards that I enjoy most, and if you share my style, you may fine them useful too.


Selling self-designed hardware worldwide is one of coolest things I can imagine. And with cost recovered I can roll out new boards quicker :)


It's quite a privilege to have access to both Chinese domestic markets and the global community. The wonderful combo might bring you some unexpected... things.

Things you should know before...

TLDR: You should take basic cautions when interacting with a random folk on the Internet.

- Refurbished/Scavenged/Unknown-source-d chips are used in order to provide such a cheap price. Though I'll certainly test everything and have never seen a good chip going bad so far(only ones that come as bad), reliability won't be as good as other well-designed products. So don't have too high an expectation -- it's more a handcraft than mass-production.

- All board contains lead(Pb), so at least wash your hand after touching solder joints, and dispose according to local regulations.

- Details of the product may not be well controlled, including but not limited to how many components are soldered on board(as long as guaranteed functionality), shape and color of board, types of the small bridge boards, and some manually soldered components(my PCB files are too crappy to be properly SMT-ed). But I'll send a picture of what will be shipped.

To people of interest in China

Letting the product shipped from China then back just isn't cost-effective(and probably makes it less competitive than other available alternatives), You can of course purchase now and pay in whatever way you want, but later if I can somehow do testings in China, there could potentially be a decent discount.

To people of interest in Japan

More payment options might be available, which may have a mild discount.


In pre-release stage, please follow updates on my Twitter. Send me a personal message on Twitter or email me at ustcymgu at gmail dot com for inqueries.

I'll be open to any custom requests(want another antenna or some custom connectors?).

Place an order by email!


TBD. Paypal, Wise, USDT, and XMR(currently no surcharge, later may have 5%) might be considered at this stage.


Free shipping unless specially pointed out. Will send by normal airmail(5-8 days to U.S. as they assumed) in principle.

Again, if you have any problems/requests, we can talk.